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First Time Users, Please read...

Follow the brief instructions below to get maximum benefit from using the Harness Racing New Zealand (HRNZ)
database searches.

While using the HRNZ Infohorse enquiry programs the Menu and Toolbar will be disabled. Please use the buttons
located at the top of each Web page for navigation. Use the 'QUIT' button when you have finished your searches.

The search may prematurely terminate if you continually hit buttons on the Web page while the Web Server is
processing a request. It may take from 1 to 20 seconds for a data request to be processed.

Data requested reflects the current state of the HRNZ database. While Harness Racing New Zealand makes every
effort to ensure the information on this site is accurate, no liabilty is accepted for any errors or omissions.  Note
the following in regard to database content:
     Racing Details
          - Full details available for horses which raced in 1985/86 or later.
      Breeding Details
          - Service Records are complete from the 1981/82 season onwards.
          - Progeny listings are complete from Volume 25 of the studbook onwards.

Currently this information is available free of charge.  Harness Racing New Zealand reserves the right to charge
for this information at some future date.

If you have any problem with this service please contact Infohorse at HRNZ.

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